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History of the State Ryazan instrument plant began in 1919. This year in Ryazan it was educated DOSES – the Ryazan woodworking plant. The state Ryazan instrument plant is the largest enterprise of Russia for a mass production and support of radar systems. The stations which are let out in Ryazan complete the best fighters of two last decades: MIG-29, SU-27 and SU-30. Mass-produced in the early eighties, the radar aim N-001 and N-019 complexes, after a number of modernizations still are adopted more than in 20 countries of the world, including Russia, and continue to be delivered together with the fighters MIG-29 and SU-27. The end of the eightieth – time of crisis of the Russian defensive industry. Sharp reduction of the state order was negatively reflected in all enterprises of military industrial complex of Russia. This moment became for the State Ryazan instrument plant hard test. The management of GRPZ managed to keep the enterprise and its collective thanks to timely reorientation of part of production and technological capacities to release of civil goods of industrial and technical appointment and household application. Using rich design, technological and a know-how, the enterprise surely entered the unknown, but vital market of civil production. Thanks to it it was succeeded to keep shots, to develop and expand production capacities. Today the State Ryazan instrument right plant is one of leaders of the radio-electronic industry of the country. Magnificent personnel school, possession of unique technologies and equipment of the modern equipment, – here three composed guaranteeing success of the enterprise on any of the segments of the market occupied by him, whether it be release of military or civil production.

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